Major Scholarships and Fellowships

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As University Honors Program students you are perfectly poised to apply for major prestigious scholarship and fellowship opportunities. A strong academic record is a minimum requirement for becoming a candidate for a major scholarship or fellowship. In addition to an excellent academic record, you should have an outstanding record of service, leadership, research, or all of the above. These scholarships are extremely competitive and will require advanced planning. Each scholarship will also require strong letters of recommendation from faculty members.

Many of the major scholarships and fellowships require a campus selection process that includes a nomination from the scholarships campus representative. Please review our major scholarship opportunities. If you would like to pursue becoming a candidate for a major scholarship please contact Elizabeth Donoghue in the University Honors Program.


For Sophomores and Juniors

Scholarship Field

Gilman International

Study Abroad, Foreign Languages and Cultures


Science, Mathematics, and Engineering


Environmental, Physics, and Engineering

NSEP Boren

Foreign Languages and Cultures


All Fields Dedicated to Public Service


All Fields, Environmental

For Seniors and Recent Graduates

Scholarship Field

Carnegie Jr.

All fields, Political Science and Global Peace Studies

Echoing Green

Entrepreneurial with social or environmental focus

Elie Wiesel Foundation

All Fields


All Fields for Minority Students


Study Abroad in All Fields

Gates Cambridge

All Fields at Cambridge University


Applied Physical Science


Teacher Education, Social Science, and Humanities


Humanities and Arts


All Fields at a University in Ireland

National Science

Sciences and Engineering

NSEP Boren

Foreign languages and culture


All Fields at Oxford University

Paul and Daisy

All Fields, in the US, for "New Americans"